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August 9, 2008
Franconia Ridge Hike - Lincoln & Lafayette

Ed and myself ascended via the Falling Waters Trail. The lower third of the trail followed a steeply descending stream with a number of waterfalls for which the trail is named. With all the recent rainfall, you know they were running, but still could be crossed. We bypassed the .1 mile side-trail to Shining Rock as the sun had not come yet and no views would have resulted. It is a very large slab of apparently seamless, smooth, and nearly vertical rock, with a convenient ledge about halfway up. Presumably, it is really shiny in the winter with a coat of snow, even more so with a coating of ice. We reached the top of the trail at Haystack, which connects to Liberty and Flume via the Liberty Trail.

We followed Franconia Ridge north from Haystack to Lincoln. It is a bit steep in places.

We took a short break on Haystack, and another on Lincoln.

The ridge proceeds from Lincoln to Lafayette finishing again in a short steep climb to the summit. The ridge is a segment of the Appalachia Trail, which continues north to Garfield.

On the way down from Lafayette, we stopped briefly at the Greenleaf hut. Low and behold, the sun came out in full force and we were able to enjoy viewing the day's endeavor. The Bridal Path, offers great panoramic views of the ridgeline.

I was able to get some half way decent photo shots with my cell phone camera. Ed, my usual photographer, did not bring his camera.

Paul DeLuca

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Out of the Clouds Original image

Ed with Lafayette in the background Original image

Blue skies Original image

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