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March 15, 2008
Mount Washington Winter Trip

[The other] Paul and I met the night before and stayed at Joe Dodge Lodge. On Saturday after breakfast, we met up with Dennis and Steve and began our trek about 8:30. We started out on an abnormally warm winter day. The trail we took was up the most popular and safest winter route up Mount Washington, the Lion Head trail winter route. The trip starts out on the Tuckerman Ravine trail, which is groomed by the snow cat and makes for fast travel. At the cut off for the Huntington Ravine Trail, we met Tim. We asked if was sure he wanted to go that way as it probably was technical and we did not feel that he had the proper gear for that. Tim agreed and joined us for the day and turned out to be quite an interesting guy. He drove all the way from Michigan the night before and decided to climb with only a few hours sleep. The winter Lion Head route starts on the Huntington Fire Road, where we put on crampons. The winter Lion Head route is a very steep climb that required front-pointing. The same section going down created a traffic jam of approximately 30 hikers as it was backwards front-pointing with the ice axe. The weather was incredibly balmy and windless for Mount Washington even when we got to the highest and exposed elevations. We encountered fog that made visibility in the Alpine zone very limited. The sun, however, was trying to burn through and succeeded in giving us all sunburn in March on Mount Washington.GO FIGURE! We made the summit by 1:30 and took plenty of pictures as there was no wind at the summit. It was a great day for all capped off by a great meal at the lodge. Tim immediately had to drive back to Detroit when we descended the mountain at approximately 5 PM. We all worried how he could do a 13 hour drive home after climbing a 6,000 footer, but he did. I received his Email and pictures which was a welcome relief.

Paul DeLuca

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The Boys at the top. From left to Right: Paul D, Paul DeL, Dennis P, Tim B, Steven S. (Photo by Paul Demers) Original image

Who turned out the lights? (Photo by Paul Demers) Original image

It doesn't get any better! (Photo by Steven Snook) Original image

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