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January 26, 2008
Snowshoe to Montclair Glen Shelter

The four of us (Jim, Jeff, Norm, and Ken) left MHS in my car on a fine January morning. Temperatures were below freezing but above zero, and there was a smattering of fresh snow on the ground. We drove up U.S. 2 instead of I-89 because the radio had reported cars sliding off the Interstate.

There were already four cars in the winter parking lot when we got there, but no people. We walked up the road to the end of the plowed portion and then put on our snowshoes. The trail up to the Dean-Monroe junction was in much better shape than it was when I went up with Sally just ten days earlier; the new snow had smoothed out the foot-bed and was much easier to walk on. Several people had already marked the Dean trail with their snowshoes since the last snowfall.

On the way up, we met a group of 6-8 people from Burlington, who were planning to stay overnight (at Hump Brook tenting area, I think) and then summit on Sunday. They had started in Huntington.

After lunch at the shelter, we retraced our steps on the cool side of the mountain. We weren't generating so much heat while going down hill. We met several groups going up, and a few people passed us going down.

We did have some problem with snowshoe bindings while going downhill.

Time on trail: 4 hours (plus lunch) Drive time: 45 minutes (each way)

Ken Hertz

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This 1948 USGS map shows Camel's Hump Road and the LT and Monroe trails, but not the Dean trail.

Norm, Jim and Jeff gaze up at Camel's Hump from the Beaver Pond.

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