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October 27, 2007
Work Hike: Bamforth Ridge

Wow! Nine people for a work hike in the rain. And three more planning to go in a day or two under drier conditions. Attending were John B, Fred J, Allen J, Eric S, Bob L, Michael C, Duncan W, Ken H, and a visitor from Annapolis MD, Laura G.

The weather forecast called for rain tapering off to showers, with a high temperature near 60. The temperature part was right on, but the rain declined to taper. In fact, we started up the trail in light rain / drizzle / almost dry. But on the way down, the rain picked up. That let us see how well the water bars were working, which was good. They were working well.

Three people concentrated on the first mile of trail - River Road to Notte Bench, which is the area that requires the most attention. One person (Eric) rushed directly to the shelter in order to take measurements for the planned sleeping platform. The rest of us did some work along the first mile, then parked our tools and went up to the shelter.

We carried down from the Job Box at the shelter all the tools and materials that are due to come out. The remainder will be kept at the shelter (under the sleeping platform, eventually) or donated to GMC when the Job Box is moved over to Montclair Glen.

The trail is in good shape, but is slippery in spots. Several minor spills were reported. One hiker was "in residence" at the shelter, as part of a two night outing. One runner (plus dog) was encountered early on. The sign-in sheets are all soaked.

Ken Hertz

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