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October 13, 2007
Work Hike: Elephant Head's Trail

This fall was very dry, and then the rains came. I was afraid that we would be washed out - or (as has been the case for several years) snowed out. But this year we had a successful work hike for Smugglers' Notch.

We left one car at the picnic area above Barnes Camp, and then drove up to the Notch. We all went up the Sterling pond trail. Andrew, Reidun, and Robert worked on that trail, while the rest of us (John, Duncan, Eric, Scott and Ken) headed south on the Long Trail. Many leaves were rakes, and many waterbars cleaned out, with a few new ones created. The trail is now in excellent condition. We saw much water along the trail, but no rain fell during our outing.

Robert donated a pair of Motorola Talkabout two-way radios, which we divided between the two parties for a test. The range of the radios is listed as two miles (line of sight), but that seems conservative. The two parties were able to communicate with each other throughout the day.

Ken Hertz

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