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October 6, 2007
Bike from Johnson to Cambridge

The day was sunny and pleasant when we left the MHS parking lot to drive to Johnson and the start of our bike ride. We wondered where all the GMCers were on such a nice day for biking. However, by the end of the day, we wondered if they knew something that we didn't when it started to rain as we biked.

There were only four of us on the ride. The first part of the ride was delightful with the cool temperatures, the colorful foliage, and the sunshine. We were having an enjoyable ride in the Pleasant Valley area with only sprinkles now and then, but then it really started to rain. We were quite wet before we had time to put our rain gear on. We found an Aubuchon's with a long porch on the front in Jeffersonville where we enjoyed being dry while we ate lunch. We couldn't stay long as we began to get chilled. When we left Aubuchon's the rain had slowed, but it certainly picked up again as we pedaled back to our cars.

We all found out how wonderful it is to have well vented bike shoes that create puddles in them when it rains. Everyone enjoyed the ride even though it was raining for the last part of it. We were fortunate that it waited for us to get back to the cars and put our gear away before it decided to have a short thunderstorm. It rained very hard for part of the ride back to Montpelier.

Mary Garcia

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