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September 29, 2007
Adams(attempt) Madison summit -White Mountains. NH

One constant in the White Mountains is that you can never predict the weather and it changes at any given moment. Our group of 5 including 2 new additions, Rebecca and Paul, originally planned a summiting of Mount Adams. The planned trip was a strenuous one with one of the highest elevation gains in the Whites. We began at the famous Lowe's store. They are hiker friendly people who only charged $1 to park. At Dennis' suggestion, we parked his car at Appalachia to have an easier bail out route if needed. It was a great choice as it proved to be needed.

Our original ambitious plan was to do a loop up Lowe's path to King Ravine and cut over on the Great Gully trail and come down the very exposed Lowe's path. As the winds were a bear on this day and the exposure at the top made this choice, a poor decision. We bypassed Great Gully all together and attempted to go to the summit via King Ravine. We made it to a spot on the King Ravine where we could get somewhat of a shelter in a rock cave to have lunch and layer up. It was cold, damp, and windy making the moss on the rocks very slippery as a large portion of this 5774' mountain is above tree line. We decided that Adams was out for today!

We went to Thunderstorm junction and cut across Gulfside to the Madison Hut. As the sun was playing "PEEK-A-BOO" all day long. We saw Madison and the beautiful fall foliage come in and then out of the sun. This made the lower elevation Mount Madison too tempting to pass up on its summit. Myself, Rebecca, and Paul went to the summit of Madison and stayed very briefly as the winds were picking up again. We descended Valley Way all the way down and reached Appalachia by 6:30 as sunset was fast approaching.

Paul DeLuca

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