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September 23, 2007
Young Adventurers Climb Bald Hill

A glorious early autumn day lured 32 intrepid young adventurers and parents to Bald Hill in Plainfield on Sunday, September 23. After a brief welcome and introductions, the 15 children and 17 adults set off up the path--some on foot and others in backpacks--to explore the hill, discovering blue jay feathers, tracks, and flowers along the way.Endless blue skies and colorful greens, yellows, oranges and reds greet the hikers' sight all the way to the Green Mountain spine. And closer to the ground there were rocks for adventurers to climb on and milkweed pods to examine. After a potluck of healthy snacks, the group headed down for some well deserved naps!

Michael Wetherell

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Kim and Sophie _____ (left) and Susan and ______ Statkericus (right), in front. Emily and Ben Wetherell (left) and Eric ______ (right) in the middle, and Dave Rubel in the back. Original image

Kelly McCracken and Mike Donofrio and daughters Edie and Lena. Original image

GMC members Emily Wetherell and Lexi and Linnaea Shear. Original image

Dave, Noah, and Leah Rubel. Original image

Jason and Bodhi Pugliese Original image

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