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August 19, 2007
Long Trail: Rte. 105 to Canadian border

It was a beautiful fall day, cool dry air with high temperature near 60. Think late September or any time in October. August 19! Oh well.

Michael and Ken drove up to Jay, to meet Don and Amy who drove in from Burlington. Other callers failed to show. Ken took Amy on a wild goose chase trying to spot a car at the end of the Journey's End Trail, but found Journey's End road impassable half way in. So we didn't spot a car. (In retrospect, we should have spotted a car almost anywhere in the area.)

We started hiking at 10:30, and quickly left behind the sun. The sun didn't leave, but the leaves blocked the sun. We had only two view points: The Carleton Mtn overlook and the northern LT terminus. Otherwise the trees and shrubs restricted our views; and the shrubbery around the terminus marker was extensive. After lunch at the terminus we walked out Journey's End Trail for a few minutes, then decided that we were giving up too much altitude and turned back.

We met three parties along the trail: Two pair of backpackers and one quad of day hikers. No four-footed creatures (except for one chipmunk) and no snakes. No bugs either. Some mud, but nothing serious.

Don notes that although we didn't actually see any four-footed creatures, we did see occasional signs of moose along the trail: several large hoof-prints in the mud, one small pile of droppings, and some evidence of browsing among the shrubbery. Also, it was encouraging to see the vast expanse of forested mountains north of the border -- a possible route of both the return of important wildlife species that were extirpated from Vermont a century ago, as well as migration north by animal and plant species driven by climate change.

It was a fine outing.

Time on Trail: 5 hours. Drive time from Montpelier: 1 1/2 hours. Drive time from Burlington: 1 1/2 hours.

Ken Hertz and Michael Chernick

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Don, Michael, and Amy at the Carleton Mtn overlook Original image

Amy at the border marker. Original image

Michael and Don overlooking the border marker Original image

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