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July 29, 2007
Long Trail: Codding Hollow to Davis Neighborhood Trail

What a fabulous day to be outdoors! Bright and sunny after several days of rain, with moderate summer temperatures. We were surprised to meet only one other person on this gentle trail through mature hardwood forest (and through some swampy areas.)

Rick H and I decided that we would rely on Codding Hollow Road providing a connection between the end of our hike on the David Neighborhood Trail, and our starting point in Codding Hollow, thereby saving the time it would take to spot a car at the end of the hike. The road appeared on an older map I had but not on newer ones. In fact, the road is still there, marked "dead end" and probably impassable for most motorized vehicles, but easily walked.

The hike up to Laraway Lookout was fast: Rick proved a stronger hiker than me, so he had to pause once or twice to wait for me. We were (as usual) impressed by the "great cliff" and the view from the Lookout. The trail then becomes a bit wet, with quite a bit of locally-harvested puncheon showing its age and some spots quite muddy. We were happy to reach beautiful Corliss Camp and sit down for lunch. The walk down the Davis Neighborhood Trail was uneventful, and we had no difficulty following Codding Hollow Road back to our car.

Time on Trail: 4 1/2 hours. Total distance: 7 or 8 miles.

Ken Hertz

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The "great cliff" - exposed bedrock. Original image

Rick takes in the view from Laraway Lookout Original image

Rick takes a look inside Corliss Camp, a four-sided structure with read glass windows and a sleeping loft (note ladder on left.) Original image

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