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July 22, 2007
Mount Chocorua-White Mountains, NH

We decided to do a totally different approach to Chocorua as originally planned. At Dennis' suggestion, we used The Champney Falls trail which eliminated another 1/2 hour of driving through the busy town of North Conway. It is a 3.8 mile trip to the summit (one way), with an elevation gain of 3,475 feet. The Champney Falls Trail begins by the information board in the parking area. After crossing the footbridge over Twin Brook, the trail turns sharply to the right. It follows an easy grade of an old logging road to Champney Brook. At 1.4 miles, a loop trail branches off on the left to Champney and Pitcher Falls. In .3 miles, the loop reconnects with the Champney Falls Trail. We opted to bypass the falls as they would probably only be a trickle at this time of year. From here the trail becomes steeper. We reached the first set of switchbacks at 2.4 miles. At 3.0 miles, the Middle Sister cutoff leads to Middle Sister Trail. The Chimney Falls Trail will reach a saddle and pass the Middle Sister Trail on the left. Soon the Champney Falls Trail ends at the junction of the Piper Trail, which lead us to the summit in .06 miles. We enjoyed the views of Washington, Tripyramids, Osceolas, and assorted Maine Peaks while we ate lunch.

We opted to take a very less traveled loop option on the trip down which was challenging to say the least. From the summit, we descended via the Beeline Trail to the Bolles Trail. The Beeline descends very quickly which would make one think that when you turn right onto the Bolles Trail by that it would be a walk in the park returning to the parking area. It is not. It then again makes a steep ascent which is most unwelcome after hiking 7 or so miles. At the recommendation of a Biker from our last trip, we tried the Chinese restaurant in Lincoln. I forward on this recommendation.

Paul DeLuca

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Approaching the summit (1). (Photos by Ed L.)

Approaching the summit (2).

Looking south from the summit.

View of Chocorua

Photo of Ed taken by Paul

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