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July 22, 2007
East Montpelier Trail

The East Montpelier Trail is a long-term plan for a trail through East Montpelier, connecting on one side to Montpelier's North Branch Park and on the other to the Cross Vermont Trail. Several segments have been completed; one (Mallory Brook) is under construction. Today's walk was on the Sparrow Farm segment, which goes into North Branch Park. This segment is open to trail bikes, and was in fact improved by MAMBA, the Montpelier Area Mountain Bike Association, who installed some extensive puncheon along the muddy route that skirts a pasture.

Anna M, Marcy C, and Priscilla P joined me (and my dog Sally) for this short walk. At the trailhead we met Mary Stone and her husband Chris; Mary is chair of East Montpelier Trails, Inc and provided expert knowledge of the trail system. The walk was intentionally brief: It was announced as 1-2 miles. Following the trail all the way down to the Montpelier Rec Center would take 3 1/2 miles, each way.

The trailhead is on Sparrow Farm Road, off North Street. This area provides a fine view of the city and hills/mountains to the west, as well as road walks during mud/hunting seasons.

Sorry, but we have no photos. It was a gorgeous day but my camera was lost (temporarily) inside the car.

Ken Hertz

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