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July 1, 2007
Mount Carrigain-White Mountains, NH 48-4K series

We made final assembly of our group of 8 at the Signal Ridge parking area off Sawyer River Road. The bottom section of the trail is a walk in the woods. There are a few stream crossings, and the mosquitoes were ferocious today. I also was welcomed by the sting of a probable yellow jacket. Not quite sure but I did have a stinger to extract. Eventually the trail starts climbing and there are a series of switchbacks to gain some elevation. There are a few little views of Carrigain Notch, which could make for a loop with the Desolation trail up the backside of Carrigain. This would be a very long trip! Finally we came out on Signal Ridge, an open ridge top that gives some great views over the eastern Pemi and also of the summit and lookout tower of Carrigain

Unfortunately the best views in the Whites which come from this observation tower would not happen today. It got cloudy, windy, and drizzled at the top. We decided to move down into the wooded area to have lunch which provided sufficient cover. We were down at approximately 5PM. A 10 mile round trip.

Paul DeLuca

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Group smiling at the rain. (Photos by Ed L.)

Paul crossing a stream.

Carrigain panorama Original image

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