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July 1, 2007
LT: Rte 15 to Codding Hollow

Three people joined me for this hike: Steve L, Angie G, and Murphy B (no, not Brown.) Two additional people called but did not appear.

The weather was cool for July, with the high temperature for the day under 60. The sky was generally overcast, and light sprinkles came down several times.

After spotting one car at our destination, we decided to park on VT Rte 15 instead of using the turn-offs on Hogback Road, thus extending our trip by a half mile and getting a good view of the new Lamoille River bridge. Not only is the bridge impressive, but so is the stairway leading up to Hogback.

We enjoyed the views from and lunch at Prospect Rock. (GMC) Pete was there with his 6-month old dog; we encountered no other people before reaching Codding Hollow. We did have good views from Prospect Rock, as well as from behind Roundtop Shelter. This stretch of the Long Trail is as gentle as it gets in northern Vermont, with much of the treadway free of rocks and roots, and no boulders to scramble down.

The hike took the expected four hours; the drive (round trip, including car spotting) took almost as long.

Ken Hertz

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Murphy, Steve and Angie on the Lamoille River bridge Original image

Pete at Prospect Rock

View from Roundtop Shelter Original image

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