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May 19, 2007
Work Hike at Bamforth Ridge

Six people showed up for our first scheduled work hike of the year - John B, Allen J, Andrew and Reidun N, Geoff C and Ken. Earlier this month an inspection hike found two trees that required chainsaw expertise, and Fred J accompanied a GMC crew (Dave Hardy, Matt and Miriam) to take care of them. That crew also brought up bark mulch for the privy.

Thus our goals for the work hike were limited: Clean out water bars and ditches, and lay puncheon at a very wet spot on the shelter access trail. The tasks were completed. Additional tasks were noted for work this summer: touch up some blazes and clear some "step over" logs.

While at the shelter, we checked the job box and found that the contents are labeled as property of the section. GMC has requested use of the job box for work this fall (and next year?) at Montclair Glen; there will be lockable storage space under the (to be constructed) sleeping platform at the shelter. We noted that the water supply looks good right now; we might dig out the pool(s) a bit later in the year.

Some questions were raised about the shelter area: Are those large birch logs really needed on the descent to the water supply? Why was the shelter painted? (The original stain looked more natural.) Should we remove the new growth that has filled in the area that was used for staging during construction? (It makes the shelter feel somewhat closed-in.)

Ken Hertz

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Ken, Andrew, Allen, Geoff, and Reidun before the Bamforth Ridge work hike. (Photo by John B)

Geoff Commons and John Buddington put in puncheon on the Bamforth Ridge Shelter access trail.

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