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May 12, 2007
Bike for Brunch

Nine able cyclists set off from Montpelier High School on this slightly cool but fine May morning. Enroute to Northfield, a malfunctioning front derailleur was capably put back into service by the rear half of the group. The preceding cyclists barely had time to note the absence when the latter ones sped into view. Yes, it seems spring had brought a strong legged group. Either that or a very hungry group keen to be fed. The trip leader had unknowingly picked Norwich University graduation weekend, so the brunch venue was very busy. We were seated quickly after connecting two picnic tables together in a sunny spot. Our waitress Gloria (of 40 years' service and several owners at the Red Kettle) did her cheerful best, but the kitchen was overwhelmed. Thanks to a patient group of cyclists, we endured the wait, then chowed down on some tasty and very varied food (pancakes, omelets, bagels, stuffed french toast, muffins, bacon & eggs, oatmeal, etc.). Two people said farewell at Northfield, and set off for a longer ride. We remaining seven returned to the High School, all opting for the dirt road detour around the big uphill. It was a fun social and balanced outing, especially knowing we had burned off the calories we had eaten.

Jill Aspinall

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Going from left to right, the people are: Andrew N, Sally C, Lynda H, Guy A, Rick Molz and Becka R. Photo credit goes to Tom G. Original image

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