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February 25, 2007
Snowshoe, East Montpelier Trail

Advertised as easy, 5 miles, I decided after the 30-inch Valentine's Day snowstorm to emphasize easy over 5 miles and changed the direction of our walk. As planned, we started at Templeton Road, but instead of going towards Dodge Rd we went the other way, to Haggett Rd. This took us through the East Montpelier Town Forest, a pleasant one mile walk (each way.) Duration was one hour each way, with a short break at the turnaround.

At each end of the walk, people had been there before us so that we broke new trail only in the middle, roughly the section being logged. The snow (as well as the fact that it was a weekend) had put a temporary hold on the logging activity. We encountered other people, including a couple of snowmobilers, while walking along the forest road portion of our hike, but otherwise had the woods to ourselves.

The weather was bright and clear, with temperature in the twenties. The unpaved town roads showed early signs of mud season.

Ken Hertz

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Sophie and Kim at the starting line. They have also participated in YAC activities.(Photos by Ken) Original image

Dennis, Richard, Sophie, Kim, and Thomas nearing Haggett Rd Original image

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