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January 28, 2007
Walk the Mountain Road in Stowe

With the walk listed as "call leader for start time", we knew when everyone had gathered at MHS and were able to leave there without delay. Temperature was in the low teens and the sky was clear as we started up the road from Barnes Camp. We met a few other parties, all small (only one or two people, one or two dogs), a few on snowshoes and a few on skis. Most people, including our party of five, relied just on our boots for traction. The road was moderately well packed and the snow was not deep even on the sides.

At the top we stopped for a snack, then started down. The weather (as predicted) had changed: it was warmer (twenties) and cloudy. The trip up took about an hour, and the return was faster. Everyone enjoyed this brief outing.

Ken Hertz

Joan, Robert, Betty, and Steve - with Elephant's Head in the background

Betty and Joan hiking up the trail

Elephant's Head up close

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