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January 7, 2007
Chickering Bog

Chickering Bog is a 129 acre preserve of The Nature Conservancy, with access off Lightning Ridge Road in Calais. (112 acres owned by TNC, with a conservation easement on an additional 17 acres) From the road you follow a VAST trail for a while and then cross over into the preserve itself. Chickering Bog is in fact a Fen, not a Bog; the difference being a function of water flow and chemical composition.

The outing was planned some months ago as a snowshoe, but this "winter" has not provided much snow, and yesterday's sixty-degree weather removed most of that. The walk was a trifle muddy in places, but only a few spots were seriously wet. The Nature Conservancy's Rose Paul discussed some of the history of the preserve as well as its natural significance.

We spent about two hours walking, talking, and observing.

Ken Hertz

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Fran, Maura, Thomas, Carolyn, Steve, Peter, Renee, Rose, and Kate pause along the VAST trail leading into the preserve. (Photos by Ken) Original image

Rose and Carolyn. Here we leave the VAST trail and enter the preserve. Original image

Thomas and Steve on the boardwalk Original image

The bug-eating pitcher plant Original image

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