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July 15, 2006
LT Rte. 58 to Rte. 242

Michael, Bill, and I left MHS at 7:30, met Mary at the Eden Country Store, parked one car at the LT on Rte 242, drove around to the LT on Rte 58, and started hiking at 10. The weather cooperated; it was warm but not hot, with no rain. The humidity was high (my bandana never dried out) and the small flies plentiful. Recent rains left us some mud holes to negotiate, but only one was deep enough to come over the top of my boots.

The trail north from Hazen's Notch starts by going downhill, but that is only to fool the unwary. It soon starts to climb. Then it climbs a bit more, descends (sometimes steeply) a bit, and climbs some more. I do better uphill than down, but the party was not unanimous there.

We reached Rte 242 just after 3 without having encountered any other people on the trail. We did encounter other people when we stopped for ice cream in Montgomery Center.

Ken Hertz

Guess we're past the first downhill walk.

Hazen's Notch Camp

Chet's Lookout, named for one of Roy Buchanan's sons

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