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May 28, 2006
Smugglers Notch Work Hike

I planned this work hike as late as possible in May because last year, I scheduled it too early in May and we had to snowshoe up the trail. We had an excellent day for the hike with a total of eleven workers including: Thomas W, Ken H, Allen J, Robert L, Andy N, Reidun N, George L, Cynthia M, Maura O, Bill C, and myself. A small group went up the Elephants Head Trail, and the rest of us up via Sterling Pond Trail. Some workers went around Sterling Pond via the Elephants Head Trail while others went down the LT/Elephants Head Trail to meet the other workers. Lunch was scheduled at the Sterling Pond Shelter, where Andy directed the installation of pegs for hikers to hang their packs and equipment at the shelter. Both outhouses were still standing after minor repairs on them last summer. At the Watson Camp outhouse, a GMC worker was turning over the compost for the busy hiking season ahead. Most of the work was completed by early afternoon and we came down the Sterling Pond Trail cleaning water-bars; by that time of the day a lot of day hikers were going up to the pond. The sun was hot and the bugs were out in force.

Duncan Wilkie

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