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May 14, 2006
Bamforth Ridge Work Hike

This spring I decided to try scheduling work hikes on Sundays instead of Saturdays because people do house chores on Saturdays (i.e., going to the dump, etc.) However, this date happened to be both Mother's Day Weekend and the Vermont City Marathon which was a poor chose on my part. Despite poor scheduling we had a good crew of nine people: Ken H, Fred J, Eric S, Robert L, Andy N, Reidun N, George L, Debra K, and myself. We helped Fred and Eric carry materials up to Bamford Ridge Shelter, so they would work on construction of a railing up the shelter's stairs. They planned to do that construction in the weeks after this work hike. The railing was decided on last fall with discussion from GMC headquarters to make the stairs safer after a hiker reported falling off and breaking some bones. The railing was complete a week or so later.

Most of the work hike was spent cleaning out the water-bars and removing debris from the trail treadway after a mild winter. The shelter was in fine condition and a few blow-downs were removed in the area. The trail was very wet from all the rain we had been getting, and it rained a little towards the middle of the afternoon. We inspected the Long Trail all the way up to the Alpine Trail, but most of the workers finished in the early afternoon and only went as far as the shelter. We had expected more blow-downs because of an early-wet October snow last fall, but we only had to deal with a few trees on the trail. The last workers returned to the parking-lot by 4:30 pm.

Duncan Wilkie

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