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March 11, 2006
Mount Moriah - White Mountain 48 - 4K Series

Mount Moriah was a quite surprise. I scheduled the hike simply to peak bag a doable late winter hike. The mountain does not get a lot of publicity in all the research that I have done on the White's. This mountain, however, is nothing short of spectacular. Once again the weatherman smiled on the series. The warm front that brought high winds and clouds blew over leaving us breathtaking views in a warm blue sky. Our group was Paul D., Paul "the other" D., Charlene B., and Chris H. The Carter-Moriah Trail is a long 4.5 mile trek to the summit of Moriah. Crampons were worn the entire day as the trail was purely packed, hard ice. The trail is a great combination of several lookout points with great views of the Presidentials. We took several breaks at each lookout which makes the trip seem to go along much faster. At approximately the half way point is Mount Surprise at 2194ft. It was not as windy as the summit and still offered outstanding views of Jefferson, Adams, and Washington. We were at the summit at 1:30 and were down by 3:30.

Paul DeLuca

A perfect winter day.

Paul D. - the guy who takes all those great photos of the White Mountain 48 - 4K Series.

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