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February 18, 2006
Camel's Hump Summit via Monroe and Long Trails

Dorothy, Cindy, Paul and Ed started from Couching Lion Farm on this cold, breezy day. In fact, it was neither as cold nor as windy as expected, and there was a fair amount of welcome sunshine. Just below the old Cabin Clearing, Dorothy and Cindy decided to call it quits, and returned to their car. Paul and Ed continued to the summit, where it was actually comfortable enough (given sufficient clothing) to stick around and enjoy the view for a while. Near the top there was plenty of ice, and also plenty of fellow hikers. Some of the younger ones didn't seem to need nearly as much protection against the cold as we did. At the top, we met two young fellows who had hiked up on Friday in the high winds and snow squalls to Hump Brook, spent the night in their tent, and then continued to the top from the south on the Long Trail. They said there was plenty of steep ice along the way.

Ed Loewenton

Paul D in his space suit (Photos by Ed L.)

Two adventurers who had spent the previous night in a tent at Hump Brook, enjoying a sunny break at the summit.

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