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January 28, 2006
Mt. Jackson, NH - White Mountain 48-4K Series

Once again, another spectacular sunny day in the White's. January has been kind to us on top of the peaks. We (Ed L, the other Paul D, & Chris H) headed up the Webster-Jackson Trail. At the fork, we bore left to follow the Jackson branch up to Jackson. Because of the shortness of the trip and the great views available, we decided to do a loop that included Mt. Webster. Total: 6.5 miles Elevation gain: 2152 ft.

Overall the hike is moderate with several spots that require both hands and feet in order to climb up big rocks. Because of the lack of snow cover on the icy trail, crampons were put on early. Continuing up the Webster-Jackson Trail, another spur is encountered about 20 minutes after the Elephant Head spur junction. This spur trail leads to Bugle Cliff in less than a minute. The views of the Notch are great from this spot.

We ate lunch at the Mt. Jackson Summit with the Canadian Jays and enjoyed the panoramic views of the Presidentials.

Paul DeLuca

On top of the world (Photo by Paul D)

Ed is coming (Photo by Paul D)

It doesn't get any better. (Photo by Paul D)

Paul, Paul, and Chris about a third of the way up (Photo by Ed L)

The Mt. Washington ridgeline, looking NNE from the summit of Mt. Jackson (Photo by Ed L)

View from Mt. Webster: Mt. Jackson and the Crawford Path, including Pierce, Eisenhower, and Monroe. The summit of Mt Washington is the cloud in the background. (Photo by Ed L)

Looking west across rt 302 at Mt. Field. Some ice climbers were barely visible on the cliff, but not visible in this photo. The railroad is visible about 400 ft above the highway at this point. (Photo by Ed L)

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