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December 4, 2005
Mallory Brook - East Montpelier Trail

Ken was scheduled to lead this hike, but he had to call in an expert substitute, Mary Stone, one of the board members of East Montpelier Trails, Inc. About half the crowd shown in the photo met at MHS and drove to the starting point, the intersection of Brazier and Minister Roads in East Montpelier, where the others were waiting.

The walk was supposed to go down Minister Road, which was recently restored as a walking path, until it met the terminus of the new trail; then along the new trail until reaching the bridge where the second photo was taken. Fortuitously, the terminus was not found, and a little bushwhack gave the group an adventure in dead reckoning as well as a view of the spring that makes the area so wet; the bridge was found, and the return trip was along the marked trail. The bridge was built this summer with considerable help from the VYCC and many additional hours on the part of Charles W. Johnson and friends; it is still under construction and thus became the turnaround point for this hike.

Nancy J reported "A lot of work needs to be done on the trail, but when completed, will be a wonderful place to ski, walk, or snowshoe."   Work on the trail will resume this spring, especially to separate people from water and to negotiate gulleys. It is not yet clear how/if the trail will accommodate off-road bicycles.

The easement on the Mallory Brook property was purchased from Chris Pratt thanks to the efforts of the Trust for Public Land, and is maintained by East Montpelier Trails, Inc. More information about the entire East Montpelier Trail system appears on a map available from the Town Clerk's office.

Ken Hertz and Mary Stone

The hike went along Minister Road, then up the new trail (Map by Google)

Everyone posed at the bridge (Photo by Nancy J.)

View of the 36 ft long bridge. The center support rests on a boulder moved into position by the VYCC. All the lumber was harvested and cut on the Mallory Brook property. (Photo by Charlie Catlin)

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