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April 2, 2005
Sugar on Snow Party at Morse Farm

On April 2, 2005, despite the dismal rainy weather, 26 people gathered at the Morse Farm for a Sugar on Snow party to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Montpelier Section of the Green Mountain Club. It was reported that the first outing of the Section was a sugar on snow party at Sidney Morse's sugarhouse on April 2, 1955. Even though our sugar on snow party took place in a different building a few feet away from the sugarhouse where the first outing was held, I am sure it was similar in nature since the people attending have a common goal of maintaining the Long Trail and have a love of the outdoors as well as enjoying each others company. Of course, 50 years ago they didn't have buttons with the 50th anniversary logo, left over anniversary cake from the annual meeting of the night before, and a banner with the anniversary logo made by Kate G. Also, there was Thomas W (with a coonskin cap) and Nancy S (with a poodle skirt and saddle shoes) dancing to tunes from 1955, and a photographer from the Times Argus, Jeb Wallace-Brodeur, whose family were very active members of the Montpelier Section. After the sugar on snow party, many of us visited the site of the first sugar on snow party where Burr Morse, grandson of Sidney Morse, explained to us where the original party would have been held as he boiled this year's sap. Three brave people went for a walk in the rain on the ski trails. It was a great way to celebrate the Section's first meeting with an outing as near the first one as possible.

Mary Garcia

From the LTN XVI 1 February 1956:
"We received from Harlan Farnsworth, president of the Montpelier Section, a splendid report of the activities of the Section for the year 1955. Because of a lack of space, we are forced to condense part of it. Other parts will be reported in detail, for many GMC members will be interested to hear what Montpelier has been doing.
"The activities of the newly organized Montpelier Section opened up April 2, 1955 with twenty-five adults and children participating in a Sugar-on-snow party at the Morse's sugarhouse on the Country Road in Montpelier."

Thomas and Nancy display the banner that Kay made.

Nancy displays her poodle skirt (it was the thing for fashionable young ladies to be wearing at that time). Thomas's coonskin hat honors the #1 song on April 2, 1955 - "The Ballad of Davy Crockett."

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