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March 20, 2005
Montpelier Parks Ski, Snowshoe & Potluck Supper

A warm day with good snow cover tempted five snowshoers and one skier out for a foray in Hubbard Park, North Branch River Park and adjacent lands. Following a route that started from our home, we were pleased to use the route less traveled for much of our outing. There is a lot of unposted land adjacent to Montpelier's Parks, and our unobtrusive winter outing was a nice way to share new areas, connecting on and off the park trails. I was dismayed on one of my favorite diversions to hear the sound of hammer and nails. "Posted" signs were being put up as we went through. Undoubtedly a coincidence, and very much a right of the landowner, none the less I felt sad at the loss of some of my personal wilderness. We all had a pleasant outing, complete with some pretty good looking tele-turns by our solo skier.

One of our group left early for the Green Mountain Film Festival. Another took his place for the potluck supper. A fun day on this first day of Spring.

Jill Aspinall & Rick Molz

Traversing a bridge in North Branch River Park's latest extension.(Photos by Dave B)

Main park trails were firm enough for walking.

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