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February 6, 2005
Camels Hump

Monroe, Alpine, and Long Trails

This was early spring hiking at its best! The snow was solid and compact and offered good traction, it was clear, sunny, and warm with little wind. The rocks at the top were mostly bare, and Paul D, Paul D, Alan F, and Ed L got all the way up and most of the way down without snowshoes. For Alan, it was T-shirt weather. We stopped for lunch at the airplane wreck on the Alpine trail. At the top there was a chilly breeze (the actual air temperature was in the 30's, after all), along with superb views. We returned on the Monroe Trail. The late day warmth and high traffic made the trail down "fast", and we enjoyed skating down on boots and snowshoes.

Ed Loewenton

Paul, Alan, & Paul at the junction of the Alpine & Long Trails, view to the south. (Photos by Ed Loewenton)

Junction of the Long & AlpineTrails

The trail around the south end of the summit - not a bit of snow

Looking North to Mt. Mansfield

Looking South along the Green Mountains

Getting a Winter tan on Camels Hump: Paul, Paul, & Alan

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