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October 2, 2004
Appalachian Gap to Burnt Rock, out Hedgehog Brook Trail

The hike was cancelled due to non-attendance.

Scouting Hike Thursday September 2

Trip time (return to Montpelier) was 10 hours.

Driving: The Hedgehog Brook Trail is accessed via the North Fayston Road, which starts on Rte 100 just one mile south of its intersection with Rte 100B. About 4 miles up, North Fayston Road turns left but we go straight and are on Big Basin Road. Go one mile more and park.
Return to Rte 100, go south 4.5 miles and turn up Rte 17 to get to Appalachian Gap.
Driving time (Montpelier to App Gap, with car spotted) is just over one hour.

Hiking: Total distance is 9.6 miles, with an elevation gain of about 1500 feet, and an elevation loss somewhat more. Total time on the trail was 8 hours.
App Gap to Hedgehog Brook Trail: 6.4 miles, 5 hours. Along the way we pass Birch Glen Camp (2 hrs) and Cowles Cove Shelter (an additional 2 hrs.)
Round trip up to Burnt Rock: 1.2 miles, 2 hours. View from the top of Burnt Rock is spectacular.
Descend Hedgehog Brook Trail to parking lot: 2 miles, 1 hour.

The trail was wet and muddy in places; my long gaiters proved quite useful. As usual, I was slow and not always happy going down rocks. Water consumed: 2+ liters; the weather was cool and crisp, so more water would be needed on a warmer day.


Long Trail News XXVII 1 February 1967
(Montpelier Section report)
   "[On] October 2nd, four members assisted me in finishing the Long Trail by hiking from Appalachian Gap to the Hedgehog Brook Trail while four more hiked up the Hedgehog Brook Trail timing it perfectly to meet the rest of us as we approached the intersection.  We all continued up to Burnt Rock Mountain where we celebrated with sherry and cheese and crackers.  It was a beautiful day.
   "... Marion Gorham, Reporter"
Trip leader was Doris Washburn.

Ken Hertz

Camel's Hump, from Molly Stark's Balcony (Sept 2 Photo by Ken H)
Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks, from Burnt Rock (Sept 2 Photo by Ken H)
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