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Saturday August 24 2002 Hike Hazen's Notch. Leader: Andrew & Reidun Nuquist

Hike Hazen's Notch Saturday A M arrival picnic lunch guided

Leader: Andrew & Reidun Nuquist

Last winter, while skiing with Rolf Anderson at Hazen's Notch, we began wondering what the area looked like in the summer. Rolf was telling us about local flora and fauna, hiking trails, camping facilities, swimming pond, and other attractions buried under several feet of snow.

We decided to find out, and discovered an ideal location for a section outing, in a part of the state that is still largely unspoiled. Three of us (Ken Hertz, Andrew, and myself) tented in a grassy meadow, while the rest (Charlene and Chuck Clarke, Fred and Nancy Jordan, Judy Murray, Priscilla Page, and Doris Washburn chose to stay in nearby bed & breakfasts.

Upon arriving on Saturday morning, we were met by Rolf who is president of the non-profit Hazen's Notch Association, and Deborah Benjamin, staff naturalist. Debbie took us on an informative and enjoyable nature walk through woods and fields; it lasted through lunch and well into the afternoon. She taught us the names of wildflowers, trees, and mushrooms. After the hike, some of us found the pond so tempting we just had to have a swim. For dinner we drove to "The Belfry," a popular local eatery with an extensive menu.

On Sunday morning Rolf guided us up Burnt Mountain (2,626'), on a trail that he had helped build. From the open summit we could see the Worcester Range, Mount Mansfield, the Cold Hollow Mountains, Haystack, Hazen's Notch itself, and the Jay Peaks. This was a most rewarding 4-mile hike up a mountain that was new to all of us.

There is till much to explore at Hazen's Notch. The Association maintains 40 miles of marked trails on 2,000 acres of private conservation land. It is an appealing destination at any time of year, and Rolf makes GMC'ers feel especially welcome. For information, see


Ken Hertz

Reidun Nuquist

Andrew Nuquist

Fred and Nancy Jordan

Priscilla Page

Judy Murray

Doris E. Washburn

Charlene Clarke

Chuck Clarke

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HazensNotch 2002 (Photo from Reidun's Photo Archive)
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