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October 18, 1998
Mt. Hunger

From Rte. 12, towards Worcester Mtn along Hogback, back to Hunger, to White Rock.

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Sunday October 18, 1998
Hike Worcester Mountain to Hunger Mountain
Leader: Steve Lightholder

Twas a warm day in late October when we set out to hike the Worcester Range. Eleven of us climbed up the Middlesex Trail to Hunger's windy summit. We went along the Skyline Trail to its junction with the Stowe Pinnacle Trail, stopping to take in the views of yellow and brown foliage below and ravens above. Reversing direction we returned to Hunger and slogged down through the mud to White Rocks, then on down to the parking lot just as darkness was closing in. All told it was an enjoyable 12 miles on a memorable Fall day.

Steve Lightholder
Jeff Harvey
Pam and David Erickson ( and Lisa Erickson)
Benda Johnson
Ed loewenton
Cindy Lindemann
Michael Chernick
Charlene Bohl

Photos are probably by Ed Loewenton

Photo taken from Mt. Elmore tower previously.

left to right: Lisa Erickson, Jeff Harvey, Steve Lightholder, Brenda Johnson, Sara Erickson, Michael Chernick, Pam Erickson, Charlene Bohl, Ed Loewenton, David Erickson

Trip leader Steve Lightholder

We had good weather and great views. This is the view of the Green Mountains from Mt. Hunger.

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