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The Trekkers

The Trekkers are a group of people - mostly retired - who like the outdoors, enjoy each other's company, and believe in staying active. Anyone is welcome to join our outings. We are not a group of super athletes: we each move at our own speed, sometimes dividing into sub-groups; no one gets left behind. If you would like to join us, we look forward to seeing you.

Outings are announced by e-mail just a few days before the event; contact Nancy Jordan at to be added to the list.

The outings take place during the week, and can be easy, moderate, or difficult. The preferred day is Tuesday, which allows for a rain date later in the week, but the day of the outing is entirely the leader's choice.

Nothing happens without GMC volunteer trip leaders! Please consider stepping forward to take your turn. If you can lead an event, please e-mail the Trekkers coordinator Nancy Jordan at with details.

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